Kalipo – „Lux“ (official Video)

New Track: ^L_ – „Time Patrol“ (feat. Wolfi)


On Friday we´re gonna release ˆL_ ´s epic electronica album „love is hell“.

This is the gloomy Bonus Track „Time Patrol“ feat. the breathtaking voice of Wolfi. We love it.

Strong self-immersion and depression was then transformed into some cathartic reality from a new perspective of a new person. Adding feelings with explicit visceral passion, either for love or for art, with some chaotic perspective and looking forward for a new beginning of some new sensation focused in fine art, literature, geography, history, and finally translated into this unique and singular sound signature. With simplicity and hard work was found a new land inside a new man, now discovering a new personal essence focused in the possibility of feeling each and every influence that was given.

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Unifono Flight Of Fancy (Video)

Unifono – Flight of Fancy from Pupillendriller on Vimeo.

Unifono – Reframing (EP)

Release: October 3rd


Bavarian born musician Johannes Hertrich first picked up a guitar at the age of 17 simply to play along to the tunes of his then favourite band, The Beatles. As his skills improved and his music taste widened, he was asked to join pandoras.box in 2004 as the band’s second guitarist. After releasing two records with the band in 2009 and early 2011, Hertrich formed the Folktronica duo Attune with his brother Gabriel. While both bands are prepping new material, he now debuts as a solo producer. »Reframing« collects five cuts from the two years in which Hertrich concentrated on his work as Unifono.

You don’t have to be a scholar to know that »uni« is the ancient Greek word for »one«, while »phono« originally means »voice«. Thus, Unifono can be translated to »one voice«. That is exactly what you will hear in the five tracks on Johannes Hertrich’s debut EP on the Berlin-based Antime label: A voice of its own. Hertrich’s loop-based live jams, which later form the base for Unifono’s distinct sound, channel his diverse influences as an obsessive music fan.

Unifono’s music is informed by mid-90es Warp productions, Downbeat, Trip Hop and current club music alike. While showcasing an astonishing talent for complex polyrhythms, Hertrich also gives in to his passion for warm harmonies and catchy melodies, occasionally contributing e-bowed guitars to his otherwise digital productions. We can also hear Hertrich’s long-time girlfriend Anja Wiest who would casually sing along while Hertrich was working on tracks and eventually contributed vocals for the song »CFX«.

ˆL_ | „Love is Hell“

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ˆL_ is Luis Fernando from Brasília. We never met him in person. We met him in the internet. But there is such a real and deep connection and we really share this Anti-me idea. We love what he does. We´re gonna release his radical album „Love is Hell“ on August 22nd. 

Listen to the single „Every Time I Look At You I Get A Fierce Desire To Be Lonesome“ premiered via THUMB

Check Antime Mixtapes #002 feat. ^L_. 


1 – Popol Vuh – Ich Mache Einen Spiegel
2 – ^L_ i had nightmare; dreamt i like nickelback
3 – Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks theme
4 – Autechre – Rotar
5 – ^L_ – my girlfriend is my dealer
6 – The Field – Leave it
7 – Boards of Canada – Nlogax
8 – Tim Hecker – No Drums (^L_ RMX)
9 – Origami Side – Oni
10 – µ-ziq – 02 Hasty Boom Alert
11 – Clouds – 04 Consciousness (Randomer Remix)
12 – ^L_ – Hope is For Hippies



Kalipo – Yaruto (Antime #004 / OUT NOW)


Happy Releaseday! Kalipo´s beautiful Single and album-titletrack „Yaruto“ is out now. The Single includes a Midimúm RMX and the B-Side „Andrewsarchus“. There are supporters all over the place, like Maya Jane ColesAcid Washed (official)rampueDave DK(Pampa), Klaus Fiehe,ATTARIBebetta and so many more. THNX for the Löv!

Listen & share the Single in full length via SC & Support the Artist & our Label and buy/stream/share the music here.

I-Tunes: http://bit.ly/YarutoEP
Amazon: http://amzn.to/UcYBHd
Juno Downloads: http://bit.ly/1nPjq7C
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1rki4nT
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1mRtqNz

Just before Jakob Häglsperger’s debut album under his moniker Kalipo sees the light of day, the Berlin based Antime label is proud to present to you a teaser in form of a digital single set to be released on July 18. “Yaruto” not only gave the album its title, but is also the centrepiece of the abstract narrative that Häglsperger was trying to stretch out over its ten tracks on which he worked almost autonomously for over a year. It combines all the distinctive elements of Kalipo’s sound: Disembodied, chopped up vocals, warm basslines and polyrhythmic structures. With his epic 12 minute long remix, Midimúm alias Martin Steer takes the track’s danceability one step further. Steer – who not only runs Antime but has also been one of Häglsperger’s closest friends since their teenage days and has been sharing with him production and songwriting duties in the German Electropunk outfit Frittenbude for almost a decade now – explores his passion for Dub Techno and droney, synth-laden Electronica to make “Yaruto” fit for peak time hours. On top of that, the digital bundle also includes “Andrewsarchus”, a track inspired by a lively reconstruction of the prehistoric mammal of the same name which Häglsperger once saw in the dinosaur-themed recreation park Germendorf in Eastern Germany. With its distorted analogue synth lines, flaring drones and throbbing beats, the tracks pays a claustrophobic homage to the extinct animal that is generally assumed to be a predator or scavenger. Kalipo’s debut album Yaruto will be released on September 12. It will be followed by at least one complimentary single and various videos created by no-one else but Jakob Häglsperger himself.