Introducing: ANTIME.

ANTIME </ 3a bloglabel by and for friends.

A music-blog, a platform, a forum, a collective, a reflex, a setting? no answer, no structure. whatever. it could be anything and it should be. Founded by combining creative energies and to give the enormous output of our extractor circuit, a straightforward voice.

Everything starts with a compilation, ANTIME v01, which will be released „track by track“ in December. 18 artists wrote great pieces of music for this compilation. An interesting bandwidth of modern electronic and alternative music will be heard. Each song will be illustrated by graphic / photo & designs by different artists. All participants and their works are presented here extensively.

As of 24.12.2011, the double CD will then be available as a free download

On 12/26/2011 the release party takes place in the Wintergarten Landshut, with Live premieres of Midimúm and Dire Squirrel, epic Dj sets from DIGIKONSORTIUM and Abi Gail + lots of extraordinary specials.

check: ANTIMEv01@hatebook 

This is thus the official launch of a new year 2012 full of interesting publications/releases on Antime.

Check Midimúms contribution for Antime v01:
Midimúm: „Morning tears“ (Strings by Gabriel Hertrich)

Video: (filmed by Martin Steer with Iphone 4 (8mm) /Cut by Matthias Pfeiffer)