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Soft Grid – Corolla (ANTIME 018 – out October 14 on limited coloured vinyl and digitally)

With their debut LP ‚Corolla‘ for ANTIME, the Berlin-based trio Soft Gridcaptures the explosive energy of its celebrated live shows. Soft Grid was started in 2014 in an abandoned hospital ward by Jana Sotzko (of The Dropout Patrol) and Theresa Stroetges (alias :: golden diskó ship), who had previously been working together in the improvisation project Epiphany NOW. After their spontaneously composed and recorded tape release ‚Stingrays‘ was issued through Berlin’s Twaague Records in the summer of 2015, the British drummer and producer Sam Slater was recruited more or less directly from a Berlin danceoor to join the band for live shows. He became a full member in no time. Since then, the three-piece has shared stages around Germany alongside such diverse acts as Des Ark,Milemarker, MESSER, or even TOLOUSE LOW TRAX, and will head out for a tour in support of ‚Corolla‘ to coincide with the record’s release in mid October.

‚Corolla‘ is as much of an improvisational effort as their live shows: not really. Just like their gigs – which have all members wandering around to take over duties on synthesizers, bass, guitar, viola, and microphones – ‚Corolla‘ is a carefully mapped out, compositional whole, recorded live over two days in Salon Berlin by Sylvain Livache. It showcases the trio’s taste for ventures into the realms of extreme acoustic sounds and electronic textures as well as their knack for catchy hooks and driving rhythms. Even amidst the heaviest synth breakdowns, there’s something joyful to cling to. Soft Grid make music that is continuously twisting and shifting, which immerses itself in the steady flow of sonic events without losing focus. Anything goes on ‚Corolla‘, and when it does, the three head in exactly the same direction.

From the massive opening chords of »Herzog On A Bus« to the subtle Chicago-style Post-Rock inuences on »Hospital Floor« and the erratic finale which is the title track, Soft Grid create a musical narrative throughout their debut LP which reflects its lyrical themes. While the lyrics of ‚Corolla‘, themselves a collaborative effort, sample everything from a Werner Herzog documentary to the eerie atmosphere of that hospital ward where the band was born, there is at least one leitmotiv which ties them together: Soft Grid are first and foremost concerned with moving forward. And they will.

ˆL_ – The Outsider OUT NOW


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ˆL_ – The Outsider (ANTIME_EP#015)






A1: Phil Spector

A2: She Only Loves Me Because She Doesn’t Live With Me

A3: The Outsider

B1: Locked-In Syndrome

B2:Hello, I´m Richard Clayderman

B3: Too Weird To Live, Too High To Die

After ˆL_ released his debut album »Love Is Hell« on ANTIME in 2014, he now returns with a more dance floor-ori- entated 12” on the Berlin-based imprint. »The Outsider« is set for a February release and follows ˆL_’s extensive joint tour with his Mexican label mate AAAA throughout Germany in May 2015. In 2015, ˆL_ embarked on a successful, two-week long Germany tour with his ANTIME label mate AAAA and released the more dance- floor-orientated EP »The Outsider«, also through ANTIME, in early 2016.

From the slamming 90es-style Techno belter »She Only Loves Me Because She Doesn’t Live With Me« to the eerie Techno/House hybrid »I’m Richard Clayderman« and the hard-hitting break beats on »Phil Spector« or »Locked-In Syndrome«, the allusions to heyday 2-Step on the EP’s closer »Too Weird To Live Too High To Die«, and last but not least the uncanny title track: ˆL_’s sample-heavy aesthetics are as distinctive as they are cohesive.

While »Love Is Hell« reflected an emotional low point for Luis Fernando, »The Outsider« was informed mainly by nihilism, expressing both Fernando’s disgust with religion and the deeply rooted social inequalities which came with it. However, like »Love Is Hell« »The Outsider« takes its cues not only from music, but also external reference points, notably literature.

The underlying topic forms the narrative of »The Outsider« which knits the already consistent EP even more tightly together and is expressed by no other than the late David Foster Wallace. While the brief excerpt from Wallace’ ground-breaking speech »This Is Water« is literally outspoken about the EP’s concept, other tracks also hint at the underlying theme of social and personal alienation by referring to famous misfits like Phil Spector and Richard Clayderman.

Wait, Richard Clayderman? »Yup«, says Fernando dryly.
»It must be pretty hard being Richard Clayderman, after all.«



ˆL_ is the moniker of the Brazilian producer and sound artist Luis Fernando. Having released his debut album »Love Is Hell« in 2014 through the Berlin-based ANTIME imprint, he also received attention with a slew of remixes and contributed to several compilations, most notably »Hy Brazil Vol. 7« which was hand-selected by Chico Dub, one of the most important figures in the Brazilian electronic music scene. In 2015, ˆL_ embarked on a successful, two-week long Germany tour with his ANTIME label mate AAAA and released the more dancefloor-orientated EP »The Outsider«, also through ANTIME, in early 2016. Apart from his work as a producer, Fernando regularly hosts workshops on sound design with a focus on film and radio works. Fernando started making music as a young teenager, citing bands like My Bloody Valentine or Nine Inch Nails as inspiration for his first Shoegaze-leaning excursions in the music world. As he grew older, his taste varied and his own output became increasingly eclectic. Nowadays, ˆL_ works mostly digital and oscillates between film score-inspired sounds, acidic Techno, Noise and abstract electronic music.

However heterogeneous ˆL_’s music might be in terms of stylistics, Fernando cunningly manages to weave all elements together into integrally closed narratives full of unforeseeable twists which follow a well thought out logic. The prolific Brasília-based producer furthermore creates continuity through his unmatched sensitivity when it comes to sampling. Fernando, who has researched and taught about the art of sampling, has built up an impressive archive and regularly immerses himself in his surroundings for field recordings. The result of his relentless pursuit is inscribed deeply into his music, which always unmistakably sound like ˆL_, whether it is a hard-hitting 130 bpm Techno belter or a richly textured IDM track with Jazz and Noise elements thrown in for good measure.

Fernando was raised in a strongly Catholic family which triggered within him a disdain for religion and the social injustice caused by it. Thus, his music, apart from psychological and literary topics, often critically explores religious and philosophical themes. Although predominantly instrumental, the music he makes under the moniker ˆL_ relies heavily on Fernando’s sampling techniques which – apart from resulting in his distinctive sound signature – allow him to incorporate external references in his work. ˆL_’s music is hence substantially informed by literature, film and philosophy, which is also reflected in the tracks’ titles. Fernando thereby provides a complex paratext to his sound art which thusly can be approached from various different perspectives. Not only does ˆL_ transcend musical boundaries, his work can also not simply be reduced to sound alone.





Bad Stream – Bad Stream (Antime#020)





Bad Stream – Sex Cries (Antime#022)



Bad Stream – Already Dark (Antime#021)

BADSTREAM_Already Dark_Cover


Kalipo – Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes

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Release: 30.10.2015 (Digital)


01. Red Bird

02. Lux (Aplysia Remix)

03. Palingula

04. Get Rich (Krink Remix)

05. Alles Klar

06. Hello Night

07. Get Rich (Occupanther Remix)

It’s been over a year since Kalipo has released his debut album »Yaruto« through the Berlin-based ANTIME imprint. Ever since then, the Bavarian-born Jakob Häglsperger has been quite busy, bringing his analogue live sets all over the globe while working on new material. Before some of that will be unleashed on another label very dear to the ANTIME crew, Kalipo returns with a 7 track EP which is mysteriously called »Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes«. When being asked for comment on the ominous title, the reclusive producer denied. It’s up to every single one of you to interpret what on earth that might mean. However, a release date is set – »Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes« will be out digitally on Oct 30th – and contains 7 cuts clocking in at a generous 38 minutes.

The sample-heavy »Red Bird« is playful Deep House tune for those magic hours after the after-hours when the energy returns out of nowhere. Aplysia presents a Matthew Herbert-like re-interpretation of Kalipo’s »Lux« complete with tinkling 8-bit sounds. »Paligula« leans more toward the spooky and sinister – imagine someone injecting some grooves into a New Wave track and you get the idea. Kalipo’s long time friend KRINK takes on the Steve Reich-influenced »Get Rich«, boiling it down into a dubby, pschedlic trip best to be enjoyed at 4:20pm. »Alles Klar« highlights Häglsperger’s talent to create driving yet minimalistic rhythms as well as his knack for weaving vocal samples into another as if those were meant to enter a dialogue some day. »Hello Night« however aims straight for a dancefloor near you, evoking both euphoria and melancholy at once. Occupanther offers another perspective on »Get Rich«: The Munich-based producer lets the piece unfold slowly before objecting it to a Hip Hop-leaning treatment which beautifully emphasises its harmonic and melodic qualities and perfectly closes this diverse selection of previously unreleased b-sides and remixes. Oh, wait. So that’s why!

AAAA – „Black Fish“ (Video)