fontarrian – „wait for me“ (unifono rmx)

fontarrian remixed by unifono. What a rework! *****

fontarrian liveset @ subfm

Labelnight Berlin @ UrbanSpree |April 20th|


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Dear everyone, we’re very pleased to announce an easter sunday gathering of sorts. urban spree is the place to be, if you’re down for some weirded out electronic space jams, abstract techno and experimental art, which will be provided live and in full organic bloom by none other than the Golden diskó ship, Fontarrian, Midimùm, Kalipo, Occupanther & Moonray.

Trip with us together and don’t forget to bring along your eggs as we’re eager to share our fortunes with you. see you there.

Fontarrian Live & Dj-Set

Kalipo Live

:: golden diskó ship Live

Midimúm Live

Occupanther Dj-Set


fontarrian enters through your retina and tickles you every now and then in your rem sleep – you’ll feel like lucid dreaming never ended after one of his sets.
more infos:

„A glittering masterpiece full of pure energy , gentle moments where everything breaks down , no matter how far its edges and corners set it apart.“ (DE:BUG)

Rumors have it that Kalipo is working on a 100% analogue live set these days with a set-up of vintage synthesizers and classic sequencers on stage that is meant to be accompanied by specific visuals, serving a full-on artistic concept in between electronic concert and club-set. Not to mention the fact that a few long-time running electronic labels already have been knocking at the door, keen to take Kalipo under their wings.

Drown On Mars. Modular Guitar-Systems, Sci-fi voices. Experimental Drone Techno. Analog Body. Digital Brain. Structure/No Structure. Temporary Piracy. A Battle of Mind-Material. Deconstruction. Real-Time Reaction. Thoughts per minute. A Search.

Golden Diskó Ship:
Theresa Stroetges, a young Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and video artist who performs live as a one-girl orchestra. Her imaginative soundscapes, shifting from delicate melodic lines steeped in nostalgia to the feedback arcs and textured distortion of machine abuse, evoke lucid dreams and have won critical praise for their fresh, eclectic collages of electronic and acoustic sound

„This is a special kind of DIY-Avantgarde: even at its trickiest moments as fluffy as pure pop.“ (Musikexpress)

With his EP ‚Talea‘, Occupanthers talents are finally brought to shape – atmospheric and rhythmic, electronic yet rough and with those little melodic particles that soon feel glued to your ears. If it wasn’t such a worn-out, laden term, you could call Occupanther a ‚bedroom producer‘, but that wouldn’t do him justice since his sounds are anything but worn-out. The music is endlessly vivid and his credo is the love for detail.
Talea EP:

fontarrian – „vlv“ Mixtape (FM4) | The Gap Interview

Interview w/ THE GAP: CLICK


Sebastian Dali – „Livorno“ (#003)

There it is. Show some love for sebastian dali from lübeck and his beautiful 1st single „Livorno“ of his upcoming digital 7 Track EP „Steppenskizzen“. The EP will be released in April and it is Antime #003.



01: A Track About Feat. Deike Mc

02: Burtsele Feat. Johannes Joe Reinhuber

03: Ding Dong

04: Livorno

05: Roofwire

06: Running Pinocchio

07: Schischuar

Steppenskizzen Info:

Many paths lead to many places and leave behind their many impressions. These seven tracks, his first public release after the single ‚Lady Marian‘, were directly and indirectly influenced by various places and experiences during the past year.  Even without an exact concept in mind during the development of he Ep, one can hear in each track a little piece of his way.  Studying Bassoon has tested him in finding his own musical way, as classical music (not including ‚New Music‘) is an art based on trusted, traditional rules.  He soaks up all he likes in both fields of interest and mirrors the experiences and impressions in his music.  Be it his Bassoon that inspires his passion for exaggeration, or the melancholy from the milion media influences from that press upon each of us every day.  In the seven tracks on the Ep ‚Steppenskizzen‘ he has worked with that feeling of oppression from an overload of information and media.  Sounds like self therapy, which it is at least a bit for every artist, musician or creative person.