Release: tomorrow | Jan 25.

With their collaborative Postbrutalism EP, Bad Stream and ˆL_ present their transcontinental vision of a sound that harks back to Techno’s origins but has its eyes firmly locked on a new and exciting future.

Having released his Love Is Hell LP and the The Outsider EP on ANTIME in 2014 and 2016 respectively, the Postbrutalism EP is Luis Fernando’s third release on the German label. The foundation for the six tracks was laid during a short stay in Berlin 2018, when Fernando and ANTIME founder Martin Steer aka Bad Stream would enter the latter’s studio together for extensive jam sessions with noises through guitar pedals & amps, distorted drum machines and analogue synthesizers, which were later refined and mixed by Fernando in his native Brazil.

Just as the EP’s title is a play on the architectural movement of brutalism, the music of these six tracks is built upon a firm believe in material qualities over the very material itself. By both paying tribute to Techno as a genre but expanding its vocabulary at the same time, (adding shoegaze, industrial and cyber-punk elements) Fernando and Steer take their own musical endeavours to another level altogether.

From the uncanny subtlety of the droney opener »Why Planet« to the feverish 303 House-derivate »Ivanka Lost In Bangladesh« and the massive, Acid-drenched near-Gabber sonic assault that is »Inner Pyongyang«, Postbrutalism creates new meaning in old forms.


1 Why Planet
2 Postbrutalism
3 Ivanka lost in Bangladesh
4 Bot Blood
5 Inner Pyongyang

Music by Martin Steer & Luis Fernando
recorded in Berlin & Brasilia (2018)
mastered by Freddy Knop x Listeners Mastering
artwork by Jakub Končir
inspirations Jakub Končir
video idea Johann Steer
thnx Kristoffer Patrick Cornils
thnx Matthias Pfeiffer

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