Bad Stream – Sex Cries

„Sex Cries“ is the second single from the upcoming debut album „Bad Stream“ by ANTIME Records founder Martin Steer from Berlin. The video for „Sex Cries“ is a portrayal of insomnia in the age of social disconnect. It pits the drug and technology-infused upper-and-downer lifestyle of late capitalism against the critical mythology of the Bad Stream concept album in kinetic freeze frames of excess and loneliness. The music, created in dozens of recording sessions over the past four years, blends rock structures with progressive sound design of noisedrums, distorted analog synths, experimental guitar textures and Martin Steers distinctive vocal melodies, and is another „Post Industrial“ monolith of Bad Stream’s vision of contemporary and hybrid Pop music. „Sex Cries“ will be released digitally on 16.03.2018 with a radio edit as well as new interpretations and remixes by artists from the ANTIME Records environment by Daniela La Luz, Krink Emmanuelle 5, Oberst & Buchner, S S S S and many more.


01. Sex Cries (Radio-Edit)

02. Sex Cries  (Emmanuelle 5 (LTNO) Radio Remix)

03. Sex Cries (Oberst & Buchner Remix)

04. Sex Cries (Daniela la Luz Nights like this Remix)

05. Sex Cries (S S S S Remix)

06. Sex Cries (Lars Hemmerling Remix)

07. Sex Cries (Shannoncut Remix)

08. Sex Cries (Krink Remix)

09. Sex Cries (Ken Hayakawa Remix)

10. Sex Cries (Daniela la Luz Days like this Remix)

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