Antime v04 Out Now!

ANTIME V04 – out today.

Snippets: http://bit.ly/ANTV04
Purchase: antime.bandcamp.com

12 track compilation framed by a sound installation and spoken word performance by Philipp Boß, Jana Peil, Paul Schuladen and Sebastian Steer, based on a poem by William Ernest Henley as performed by Yussuf Mohammed. Artwork by Johann Steer. Mastering by Phil de Gap of Ohrenklinink Online Mastering.

Bandcamp only. 5€ or more. All proceeds go to PRO ASYL. Spread the word, but not the files, please.

Thank you.

1. Invictus I
2. Arash Akbari – Dissolved
3. S S S S – Four S – Aesthetics Of Failure
4. ˆL_ – Satan Saved Me From Jesus
5. Martin Steer (formerly Midimúm) – Unthink
6. Invictus II
7. Fontarrian – piano_3_4
8. Lief Hall – Destination
9. :: golden diskó ship – Flaming Flamingo
10. Clodomer (alias ABIGAIL) – Der Irrpfad
11. Kaubl – Stop Screamin‘
12. Invictus III

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