Coinciding with the re-release of AAAA’s debut album »Shiva Watts« on vinyl through ANTIME on May 8, the Mexico-based producer will embark on a tour throughout Germany with his label mate, the Brazilian sound artistˆL_, who will release his club-focused EP »The Outsider« in early June on ANTIME. Travelling with them will be ANTIME founder Martin Steer (alias Midimúm) and ANTIME’s publicist Kristoffer Cornils (alias konkrit). On their journey, they will be joined by various ANTIME affiliates such as KalipoABIGAIL and Unifono. Part of the tour will be a special workshop hosted by Martin Steer in collaboration with AAAA and ˆL_ at Berlin’s Urban Spree on May 12 and 13. ANTIME would like to thank Germany’s Goethe-Institut and Auswärtiges Amt for their financial support in this endeavour.

08.05. Berlin / ACUD MACHT NEU (with Kalipo, Martin Steer, konkrit)

09.05. Leipzig / Goldhorn (with ABIGAIL, Karl Roth, konkrit)

10.05. Hamburg / Golden Pudel Club (with Joney, konkrit)

12.05. Berlin / Urban Spree (workshop with AAAA and ˆL_)

13.05. Berlin / Urban Spree (workshop with AAAA and ˆL_)

14.05. Augsburg / City Club Augsburg (with ABIGAIL, Martin Steer, konkrit)

15.05. Landshut / FLUX (with Unifono, Martin Steer, konkrit)

16.05. Munich / Hades (AAAA only)

As if his highly energetic debut album wasn’t enough, AAAA’s talent can be best experienced in his frenzied live sets. His appearance at Mexico’s Boiler Room in December was voted as one of the 30 best in 2014 by Boiler Room’s editorial staff. In his sets, the Mexico-based producer blends acidic Techno and trance-inducing experimentation with his impressive array of analogue synthesizers to full effect, as proven at Mexico’s MUTEK festival or when sharing the stage with acts like Lucky Dragons, Developer or Mouse On Mars.

Full performance on Boiler Room Mexico

AAAA Boiler Room Mexico City Live Set von brtvofficial


After the Brazil-based ˆL_ released his debut album »Love Is Hell« on ANTIME in the summer of 2014, he went back to the studio to focus on more danceable tracks. The result of his endeavours is the 5 track EP »The Outsider« which is set for a release in early June through ANTIME. If it’s no-nonsense Techno at 130 bpm, glitchy Ambient textures or hard-hitting Drum’n’Bass passages: the music of ˆL_ bears a distinctive sound, immersing its audience into sonic depths and breaking away from its own narratives with unforeseeable twists. ˆL_ has been working intently on a new live set that both stays true to his signature as well as it provides moments of dance euphoria for his audience.

ANTIME founder Martin Steer, who is also known under the moniker Midimúm and as a member of Frittenbude and, has been quiet for a while now, working relentlessly on a new and improved live set. In order to yield maximum results, he minimalised his set-up and focused on developing new sound aesthetics to fit his outstanding sense of rhythm.

When konkrit alias Kristoffer Cornils is not working as ANTIME’s publicist, he buys far too many records, some of them he occasionally puts on while other people are present. Akin to both the adventurous as well as the conventional, he often blends what seemingly shouldn’t stand next to each other.


ANTIME is incredibly excited to announce that the upcoming tour of AAAA and ˆL_ will include a two-day workshop to be held in Berlin’s Urban Spree on May 12 and 13. The workshop, lead by ANTIME founder Martin Steer (alias Midimúm), will explore different means of music production, the interplay of sound and visual aesthetics as well as strategies of self-promotion in digital culture.
What started out as a net-based label has over the last three years increasingly grown into an international network that pays as much attention to the music released by it as to the possibilities of bringing together sound and other arts. ANTIME celebrates diversity on many levels: culturally, artistically and of formats.
The upcoming Germany tour of the Mexico based producer AAAA, whose debut album »Shiva Watts« will be re-released on vinyl in early May through ANTIME, and the Brazilian sound artist ˆL_, whose new EP »The Outsider« is set for a release in early June as a 12” vinyl on ANTIME, will gather two like-minded minds with distinctively different approaches to music production. In the course of the two-day workshop, AAAA will provide insights in the world of analogue music production while ˆL_ will present his unique sampling techniques and digital working methods.
ANTIME’s in-house graphics team will meanwhile introduce ways of visualising sounds and ANTIME’s publicist Kristoffer Cornils (alias konkrit) will illustrate various ways of self-promotion in digital culture. As a whole, the workshop aims at making music production transparent, offering an understanding of transmedial methods and developing economic strategies for emerging artists.
The two-day workshop, which is to be held in the afternoon on May 12 and 13 in Berlin’s Urban Spree, aims primarily at teenagers, but will be non-exclusive according to ANTIME’s philosophy. Please note however that the workshop’s capacities are limited and an early registration before May 8 through is strongly recommended.
ANTIME would like to sincerely thank Germany’s Goethe-Institut and Auswärtiges Amt for their financial support for this endeavour, which would otherwise not be possible.


ANTIME freut sich zu verkünden, dass die kommende Tour von AAAA und ˆL_ einen zweitägigen Workshop beinhalten wird, der am 12. und 13. Mai in der Berliner Urban Spree abgehalten wird. Der vom ANTIME-Gründer Martin Steer geleitete Workshop wird verschiedene Arten der Musikproduktion und das Zusammenspiel von Klangkunst und visueller Ästhetik erkunden sowie darüber hinaus Strategien der Selbstvermarktung innerhalb der digitalen Kultur vermitteln.

Was als Netzlabel begann, ist über die letzten drei Jahre zu einem internationalen Netzwerk angewachsen, das ebenso viel Wert auf die veröffentlichte Musik wie die Möglichkeiten der Verknüpfung von Sound und anderen Künsten legt. ANTIME zelebriert auf verschiedene Arten Diversität, ob auf kultureller, künstlerischer oder in Hinsicht auf die verwendeten Formate.
Die kommende Deutschlandtour des mexikanischen Produzenten AAAA, dessen Debütalbum »Shiva Watts« Anfang Mai durch ANTIME auf Vinyl neu verlegt wird, und dem brasilianischen Soundkünstler ˆL_, dessen neue EP »The Outsider« Anfang Juni auf ANTIME als 12“ erscheinen wird, bringt zwei gleichgesinnte Geister zusammen, deren Ansätze bezüglich Musikproduktion sich maßgeblich voneinander unterscheiden. Im Rahmen des zweitägigen Workshops wird AAAA Einsicht in die Welt der analogen Musikproduktion geben während ˆL_ seine einzigartigen Samplingmethoden und digitalen Arbeitsweisen präsentiert.
ANTIMEs hauseigenes Grafikteam wird zudem in die diversen Arten der Visualisierung von Klängen einführen und ANTIMEs Pressebeauftragter Kristoffer Cornils wird verschiedene Wege der Selbstvermarktung innerhalb der digitalen Kultur referieren. Als Gesamtes zielt der Workshop darauf ab, Musikproduktion transparent und transmediale Methoden verständlich zu machen sowie heranwachsenden Künstler_innen ökonomische Strategien zu vermitteln.
Der zweitägige Workshop, der am 12. und 13. Mai gegen Nachmittag in der Berliner Urban Spree abgehalten wird, richtet sich ausdrücklich an Teenager, ist aber entsprechend ANTIMEs Philosophie nicht exklusiv. Da die Kapazitäten des Workshops jedoch begrenzt sind, wird eine frühe Anmeldung über ausdrücklich empfohlen.
ANTIME möchte dem Goethe Institut Deutschland sowie dem Auswärtigen Amt für die finanzielle Förderung dieses Unternehmens danken, welches anderweitig nicht umsetzbar gewesen wäre.

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