New Track: ^L_ – „Time Patrol“ (feat. Wolfi)

On Friday we´re gonna release ˆL_ ´s epic electronica album „love is hell“.

This is the gloomy Bonus Track „Time Patrol“ feat. the breathtaking voice of Wolfi. We love it.

Strong self-immersion and depression was then transformed into some cathartic reality from a new perspective of a new person. Adding feelings with explicit visceral passion, either for love or for art, with some chaotic perspective and looking forward for a new beginning of some new sensation focused in fine art, literature, geography, history, and finally translated into this unique and singular sound signature. With simplicity and hard work was found a new land inside a new man, now discovering a new personal essence focused in the possibility of feeling each and every influence that was given.

preorder „love is hell“:


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