Unifono Flight Of Fancy (Video)

Unifono – Flight of Fancy from Pupillendriller on Vimeo.

Unifono – Reframing (EP)

Release: October 3rd


Bavarian born musician Johannes Hertrich first picked up a guitar at the age of 17 simply to play along to the tunes of his then favourite band, The Beatles. As his skills improved and his music taste widened, he was asked to join in 2004 as the band’s second guitarist. After releasing two records with the band in 2009 and early 2011, Hertrich formed the Folktronica duo Attune with his brother Gabriel. While both bands are prepping new material, he now debuts as a solo producer. »Reframing« collects five cuts from the two years in which Hertrich concentrated on his work as Unifono.

You don’t have to be a scholar to know that »uni« is the ancient Greek word for »one«, while »phono« originally means »voice«. Thus, Unifono can be translated to »one voice«. That is exactly what you will hear in the five tracks on Johannes Hertrich’s debut EP on the Berlin-based Antime label: A voice of its own. Hertrich’s loop-based live jams, which later form the base for Unifono’s distinct sound, channel his diverse influences as an obsessive music fan.

Unifono’s music is informed by mid-90es Warp productions, Downbeat, Trip Hop and current club music alike. While showcasing an astonishing talent for complex polyrhythms, Hertrich also gives in to his passion for warm harmonies and catchy melodies, occasionally contributing e-bowed guitars to his otherwise digital productions. We can also hear Hertrich’s long-time girlfriend Anja Wiest who would casually sing along while Hertrich was working on tracks and eventually contributed vocals for the song »CFX«.

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