Sebastian Dali – „Steppenskizzen“ Live

Sebastian Dali (Liveset feat. Fanni WirrWarr) by ANTIME

Sebastian Dali´s EP will be released in 2 weeks. This is an exquisite and really trippy „Steppenskizzen“ Liveset he recorded w/ Fanni WirrWarr playing the „Bassklarinette“.
It features these great EP Tracks and more lovely unreleased material. have a sunday!

Live Set: Sebastian Dali
Bassklarinette: Fanni WirrWarr

Fanzen (Original Mix, unreleased) – Sebastian Dali, Fanni WirrWarr
Ding Dong (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali
Macacos (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali, Joe Reinhuber
Salvi (Original Mix, unreleased) – Sebastian Dali,
Cowboys (Instrumental Mix, feat. AnA) – Sebastian Dali
Rhytmuspaedagogik (Original Mix) – Todschick
Lady Marian (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali
Burtsele (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali
Running Pinocchio (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali
Livorno (Original Mix) – Sebastian Dali

Steppenskizzen EP – Release: 25.04.2014
I-Tunes preorder:

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