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Read De:bug´s great review of fontarrian´s „vlv“.
The album is also #7 at De:bug Charts. Thnx for the support!

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Fontarrian ? A Grazer. I have never heard of him before. But what a discovery! Music that’s able to let itself go. Where you are never sure when the bass drum really kicks in, whether that’s still shuffle or already the most beautiful breakdown of a song that you have heard in a long time . The album often leaves out the beats, thus foregrounding the background. Not because it wants to pick the negligible as a central theme but because there simply is no normal balance between groove , sounds, sequences and melodies. Everything takes its place in its own right. At first listen “ vlv “ is just a beautiful album. A glittering masterpiece full of pure energy , gentle moments where everything breaks down , no matter how far its edges and corners set it apart. The next listen is uncanny, you wonder how all that pulls together, asking yourself what else there is still lingering in the darkness and you wont be disappointed. And then the album starts a life on its own that leads the listener far beyond the music, it starts to whisper into your ear, takes you by the hand, dreams with you. And these are dreams that you want to dream again and again because you always discover that they tell more than just this story.
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