fontarrian – „sissy fuzz“ (free download & video)



„Sissy Fuzz“ – the first single of Fontarrian´s upcoming album „vlv“.

Cover photograph by Mrln Fink himself. Edited by Johann Steer

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Check the super-dark & hypnotic video edited by Mrln Fink himself:

The Story behind the track:

„sissy fuzz“ basically is a jam I recorded first back in March 2012, the moment after I received my repaired TR-505 (shouts to Chris Dustex, who’s in Hamburg and got the repairing job done, as well as shouts to Dario C, whom I still kind of owe something, because he gave the 505 to me in the first place). At that moment, I was deeply absorbed by and lost in Camus‘ Myth of Sisyphus. The raw version of the track I’ve posted back then onto my soundcloud actually included the words: „Read: Camus. Venerate: Escher.“ So, you see, the track eventually comes from some sort of a dark place. After bouncing it, late last year, I picked up Camus‘ book again, revisited some of the passages I’ve marked during the earlier readings and once again got entirely fascinated with it’s very simplistic layout on the sleeve. It’s the Penguin – Great Ideas edition, only bearing an upturned, cut-off black square against white background alongside the words „there is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.“ The elements in use are as follows:

– Glitch filmed right off of a digital TV-screen in JoLa’s apartment in Las Palmas, May 2012, a faulty digital broadcast of Ben Hur.
– Seagulls circling over the roof-deck, same location, same time.
– Photograph of a road on a foggy dawn in the countryside, which I took back in 2008 whilst on the set of a historical short film.
– Excerpts of Tony Richardson’s The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.
– And with a bit of imagination, the photograph of the eye is your eye as it is mine or anyone’s.


2xLP (limited Edition)


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